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The New Day Primary and Junior High School is a government school located at 1 East Dulwich Drive, Grants Pen, Kingston 8. In January 1961, Principal Mr. Clement McBean welcomed the school’s first attendees, a total of 703 students. Although New Day School started as a primary school, it was upgraded to a Primary and Junior High School in 1976, ranging from First Form to Ninth Form to create a more focused curriculum and an enhanced student experience. New Day was first built to accommodate 900 students, however, attendance grew to over 2,000 by the late 70s.

The school’s Chairman of the Board is Mr. Ian Muirhead, the current Principal is Mr. Garfield McDonald. The school has 2 Vice Principals, 39 academic staff members, 3 administrative staff, 3 Deans of Discipline, and 2 guidance counselors, all contributing to the timely development of the students.

New Day School is a strong and noble institution that continues to successfully address the academic, athletic, and creative development of its students.  It boasts many successful professionals among its graduates some of whom now serve in areas of academia, science, finance, and law.


“ We are all part of a strong and noble institution which started over 61 years ago”

- Principal McDonald

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