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New Day Alumni Association NY Chapter Host Virtual Graduation Recognition - Ceremony July 11, 2021

Updated: May 23, 2022

New Day School Alumni Association New York Chapter celebrated and recognized its

four high school scholarship recipients virtually for their outstanding academic

achievements on July 11, 2021.

They are Ishmael Michael of Calabar High School, Beresford Williams of Gaynstead

High School, Jawanza Curate of Kingston Technical High School, and Michelia Brown

of Ardenne High School.  

Families and friends of the recipients and the alumni members were all invited to attend

the Virtual event. “While the current realities of the pandemic limited our ability to fully

commemorate the accomplishments of our recipients in person, we hope that the

inclusion of guests ...helped us to honor our scholarship recipients while also

acknowledging the families, friends and partners who did so much to support them

during their academic life, especially during the last two years” Evelyn Godden,

President of the NY Chapter stated. Each recipient was acknowledged individually and

recognized by their school’s representative and a family member at the event. The

event also included entertainment.

Keynote speaker Lesleyann Samuel, President of the Union of Jamaican Alumni

Associations (USA) Inc, called on the graduates to always be prepared, because

preparation was the key to success. Her message is one they can carry throughout

life—progression through reflection, “Sankofah”.   We all will remember that concept,

beautifully illustrated by examples like Michael Jordan and her own life story of hard

work, teamwork, being bold and giving back to those who have helped along the way.

We appreciated, so much, her praise for the hard work and dedication of our members

in taking on the task of not only putting on this recognition event but also of awarding

these scholarships five years ago.

Along with Lesleyann Samuel, there were also three incredible guest speakers. Michael

Howard, Chief Executive Officer of VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited, and a past

student of New Day Primary School, who urged the graduates to be focused. He said

it was important for them to have the four ‘Ps’, which are purpose, preparation,

persistence and pace, and disclosed that those four Ps drove him to succeed.

Garfield McDonald, Principal New Day Primary School shared his gratitude for the

contributions of the NY based Alumni Association over the years.  Nadine Malloy,

Principal of Adrenne High School also congratulated the recipients on their

achievements and stated that she looked forward to their impact on life in Jamaica and

as a global citizen.

Special thanks to Mistress of Ceremony Sharon Gordon, Alpha Tri State Alumnae

Associatiom alum, school representatives, Sharon Wilson, President of Merl Grove High

School Past Students Association New York Chapter Inc and Clair Menezes – Forbes,

Immediate Past President, Alpha Tri State Alumnae Association (UJAA members) for

their behind the scenes work and to Barbara Gayle, the Gleaner reporter who covered

the graduation ceremony.

The Executive Board and members felt a tremendous sense of pride and fulfillment and

were further encouraged to continue NDSAA’s mission to assist New Day School and

its Students. We wish the graduates of 2021 continued success!

Below is the link to the Gleaner article.

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