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New Day School Graduation 2018

These are some of the highlights from the memorable 2018 graduation, at New Day School.

Ms. Lesleyann Samuels, President, of Union of Jamaica Alumni Association Inc USA, (UJAA), was the keynote speaker at New Day Primary and Junior High School's, graduation on July 4, 2018. She delivered a great speech, very inspiring. The students were impressed.

New Day School Alumni Association NY Chapter Inc., donated a one-time scholarship to Matthew Salmon, who will be attending Calabar High School in September 2018. We celebrated the graduation with other current NDSAA scholarship awardees. In the picture, are: Michelia, Beresford, and their mothers. Ishmael and Jawanza were not present. They were taking their final examinations.Desiree Bowen, sister to Kimberli Bowen, who is an Advisory Director member, played the recorder as a part of a quartet, which included some school friends. Her performance was impressive, and she has received several awards, for her work with the recorder.

NDSAA members celebrated lunch at White Bones Restaurant, at the infamous Mary Browns Corner, as we continue to build partnerships to help, New Day School. Left to Right: Evelyn Godden, NDSAA, President, Mr. McDonald, Principal, Marie Samuels, Ardenne High School, Executive board member, NDSAA member Beverly Oakley- Benjamin, Maxine Smith, President, Project Hope for a New Day, Vice Principal Mrs. Rose Williams, Beverly Samuels, NDSAA, Assistant Secretary, Joni Williams, Alumni local coordinator, Ms. Wiggan, Vice Principal and Ms. Olga Brown, Assistant Principal.

Continued success to the members, friends and family, who help make the NDSAA, a force of change and support for our alma mater.

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